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Free Training…Come and go whenever you want.

This time you can get in some mitt training, punching bag, and circuit training as well. You can try sparring if you want.


Self/Personal Training…Unmanned

Self...Training by yourself

Personal Training...You must book

Your coach will guide you through a wide range of targeted regimens, keeping you focused and motivated in attaining your fitness goals. 


Jr Fight...This is the class who wants to get into competition.

Sparring session for great skills and techniques everyone getting stronger. You can not join the other classes.


Kids…This class is created to help kids learn how to stand up for themselves, and give them confidence.

This program will help your kids build strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. 


Sparring…We will be teach you a perfect combination of sparring.

These can be used for self defense in dangerous and unsafe situations.

Beauty Kick...Group kickboxing class for only women's.

We'll get started by teaching you a few basic techniques that will make it easy to participate in the group workout.

Let's enjoy and more stronger.


※Every 7AM-10PM 2nd and 4th Sunday will close for private event.

If we don't have a event, It will be open for Self/Personal.

※Not available during fighters class.

※Adult member can use machine area during Karate class.

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